Hand a kid a plane…

and they will think you are the coolest! But honestly, there is something about seeing those curly shavings come out of the mouth of the plane that amazes the kid in all of us.

Update on the bunk bed:

Over the weekend a very giving family member gave us a bunk bed they were no longer using. I was excited about building my own, but lets face it, accepting this one saves us about $65 in materials and probably 40+ (*cough* 80) hours in work. The bed set is missing one of the long rails that support the mattress, and needs new slats under the mattresses, so I still get to do a little woodworking on this thing.

Kids and sharp blades…¬†

Thats what Mamma’s Mini Me (MMM for short) and I were doing tonight. I was planing the top edge of the replacement rail smooth and splinter free, when she saw me. “Whoa!” and “CAN I TRY THAT!” were the first two things out of her mouth. Being the responsible father I am… I checked to see when her mother would be home and said, “Sure!”.

I’m kidding. Hand planes are some of the safest tools to introduce your kid to. Yeah, there is a sharp blade sticking out the bottom of the thing, but MMM was very good about remembering where it was and keeping her hands where they should be. ¬†before long we had the board’s edge squared up and even rounded over with the block planes.

Here she is with my WWII era Millers Falls No.18 bench plane. This one required a little help pushing through the wood.

Then for a bit of fun I let her draw on the board with a pencil. She chose to draw a house with our 4 family members.

Very realistic! can you guess which one is me?

Together with one swipe of the plane, the drawing was gone from the board. Unrolling the shaving, we found it!



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