Bunk Bed Project is Finished

This weekend has had two themes: celebrate momma’s birthday and get this bunk bed done! Success on both accounts.

Friday we were able get the first coat of paint on the bunk bed.

Saturday, for Momma’s birthday, she got to paint the second coat. Nothing says happy birthday like handing someone a paint brush! I spent the time while she was painting building the stair unit to add onto the bunk bed. I did my best to keep the stairs in the same style as the rest of the bed, thus the change from the original plan with the plywood cubby stairs.

At one point, J decided he needed to help. So he went and got his drill.

By the end of Saturday afternoon, here is what we had:


Bunk bed painted, stairs almost done.
Bunk bed painted, stairs almost done.

Sunday was all hands on deck. Dad finished the stairs, disassembled Capri’s old bed, scavenged some of the wood to make bed slats, went and bought J a mattress, moved all the parts inside the house and assembled the finished bed. Momma had the tough job of painting the stairs once I finished them and then helping me try to put this thing together in a small bedroom. C was on screw-feeder duty handing me them one at a time. And J and Ramy (the dog) teamed up to get in the way and distract us at every opportunity, cause apparently that needed doing…

Finished and installed! Garrisi’s for the win!
Action shot of why I built the stairs… I can’t imagine her climbing down the vertical ladder in the middle of the night.

As I write this, the lil munchkins are asleep in their beds. It feels so good to work on something that will get used so much and be a part of so many memories.


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