Father’s Day Bike Rack

Today being Father’s Day 2015, today I was faced with the age-old dilemma all fathers face on father’s day. Should I spend the time doing what I want to do (get out in the shop and make something), or spend the time doing something that is good for my family. Well, today I managed to combine the two for a quick win of a project.

Fact: kids come with stuff. You can try to avoid it, but it is inevitable. I was starting to get fed up with the bikes and scooters laying all over the garage… cough*MY SHOP*cough, so I decided this project would be a good way to do something about it. This isn’t my idea, and if you google PVC bike rack you find tons of versions of this, but I used this design from this blog here.

The Parts

The design is simple enough, and after a family trip ( including the dog) to Home Depot, we had the parts:

  • 40′ of 3/4″ PVC shed 200 (the cheapest kind on the rack).
  • 40 t-joints (come in 10 piece bags) though we didn’t use them all.
  • 10 elbow joints, though you could just use t-joints.

It all came to about $20, and we have lots of leftover parts to build onto the unit as we add more bikes and scooters to the household.

The Build

After we got the parts home, Capri helped my mark and cut up the pipe into the various lengths. We used a ratcheting pliers-style PVC cutter that my dad had given me many years ago from Harbor Freight. I had never had a use for it, so this was its maiden voyage.

The main dimensions to take into account are the ones between the joints that space it out of for the bike tire or the scooter body. Make them 1 3/4″ for a standard kid bike tire. This will mean that the pipe will disappear into both halves of the joint and since the joints have 1″ arms on each side, the gap for the bike is 2″. For a scooter, cut the pipe to 3.5″ and it will hold a standard Razor-style scooter. Remember that for each bike/scooter you need 3 pieces of that length all cut to match.

Stop to pose for a picture…
Now back to work! This is serious business!

After you have all the pieces cut, it’s play time! Here is where I gave the kids (even a few neighbor kids) some time to tinker with the PVC pieces and try to build something.

Just call it ‘abstract’ art.
Some binoculars Jude was having fun with.

Then Capri and I put together the pieces to hold the various bikes and scooters we currently are housing. Here is the finished product:

The pieces aren’t glued, so we can rearrange them or add more on later.

It even provides a place for the helmets which were previously just rolling around the garage.

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